Simon W

Joe took on the challenging task of an 80% knockdown, and remodel.

“As an architect, I have worked with many contractors over the years. The design was very specific and of course, the architect wanted to make changes. Joe worked with us patiently and collaboratively to achieve our goals. One of the amazing things about Joe is how multifaceted he is. Framers were in short supply at the time so Joe jumped in and did a lot of the framing. Then, as we got closer to the detailed finishes, he was able to execute some fine woodwork himself. He sets an example and standard for all the trades to follow with great leadership.”
“Remodeling is one of life’s biggest stressors. This project turned out to be nothing but positive. It has been 13 years since the job was finished and it has held up incredibly. It is a shame this type of project only comes around once in a lifetime as I would love to do another with him.”

Simon W.